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  1. Prevent a hide field rule from actually omitting the default data it contains from table

  2. Input Multiple rows of data in a single API call.

  3. Allow forms to download either data table fields or the labels you created on the Datapage

  4. Convert a details page to a data page (like submission page)

  5. provide parameter translation for data pages without forcing whole-app migration

  6. Ability to mark fields required when creating data tables (Same as NULL and NOT NULL at MS SQLServer Level)

  7. Data Page type Report: Display Search Form above the results option  ·  declined

  8. create a feature for bulk enablement of "deployed" on data pages  ·  completed

  9. When exporting data on list page - use the details page field names - not table field names

  10. exporting data from caspio - tables - does not indicate which application they are in. this would be helpful

  11. Provide some form of documentation of data pages, tables, authentications, and views.  ·  under review

  12. Prevent multiple users from editing same data page at the same time

  13. Remove the limit of 20 series for a stacked bar or column chart when data source is dynamic series

  14. End user upload of an excel data sheet to be added to the different fields in the Caspio table.

  15. Can all the pop up messages be responsive, as it stands they look very untidy on mobile devices.

  16. Provide an option with Link to Search Form to clear the previous data.

  17. Provide Users with a standard option for working with List-String data elements.

  18. Add a SUM field as a data type to perform cross-table tabulation

  19. Fix your data type processing to accept blank as a numeric 0 for numeric fields. Add more excel functions like "isodd"

  20. Creat an option to print portions of a data submission form. Could be used for reciepts, customer information or hard copy needs.

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