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  1. When entering data: ENTER at the end of the line should bring the cursor to the first box of the next line.

  2. Allow users to create a multi-select listbox within the submission forms (via a text data element), so you can create searchable elements

  3. In Datapages, make the data element up/down arrows simply drag and drop. It takes forever to move elements into position in large forms.

  4. I would like to see the ability in the calendar data pages to add events to your personal calendar, and register for calendar feeds.

  5. When allocating a table or view to a dropdown list allow more than just the one field to view - this helps the user choose the correct data

  6. Create a new datapage for logon forms. A user needs to be able to enter their ID and password, then Caspio sends them to a URL based on data

  7. Hello Is it possible to run a task from a datapage, Fe I would like my users to be able to RUN a task on demand but from a button on a data

  8. Add update function to Zapier API

  9. ms access and caspio server syncronization  ·  declined

  10. Greatly improve the SQL builder or integrate a more robust tool like RedGate or dbForge

  11. automatic search based on a user's current location should be built in, rather thank clunky JavaScript add on

  12. Incorporate Machine Learning and AI in Caspio Bridge

  13. Grouping arrow icon direction

  14. Better analytics dashboard

  15. Import & Replace full App without affecting table records

  16. Offline mode  ·  declined

  17. calendar

  18. Pivot Table DataPage  ·  completed

  19. Dropdown menus for related fields in child tables  ·  completed

  20. It would be great if a table field could be set with a default value or do a calculation on update.

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