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  1. Fix pie chart to display both data tip and label when "both" is selected

  2. Add an option in user permissions to restrict the ability to download/export data

  3. Enable offline data gathering to be uploaded once an internet connection can be established

  4. Better visualization of created reports and charts, as well as comparative data, for example in reports of sales results.

  5. Create a copy paste button next to cells on data pages. Allows inforomation to be copied from Caspio to another system accurately.

  6. Allow us to create a dropdown that default's to user's data in first item listed

  7. A dropdown field where end users can still type values in the data field if they don't appear in the dropdown.

  8. Enable a hide feature for the columns of data within the datapage selection options so that java script doesn't have to be used for each.

  9. Scheduled Tasks Improvement - Provide ability to target & import native Google Drive files' data into Caspio tables.

  10. Make the Triggered Actions run on Importing of new data to a table via scheduled tasks

  11. allow for an ODBC connection to our Views so we can use our data in Excel O365.

  12. Please make it possible to use a View as the data source for mapping to a fillable PDF in addition to being able to use a Table  ·  started

  13. with same idea I would like to see that caspio develop a tool for mobile data collection Apps

  14. Provide a "Live Feed" of data entries and have them appear live on map the moment they are entered.

  15. Allow the display of a list-string data type to be used/displayed as a field in a DataPage

  16. allow views on views, so the data source design can effectively become a bit more "object-oriented" and more maintainable

  17. Scheduled Tasks - Export Details Page Fields of a Data Page like donload button in DP (currently only tables and views avaiable)

  18. When entering data: ENTER at the end of the line should bring the cursor to the first box of the next line.

  19. Allow users to create a multi-select listbox within the submission forms (via a text data element), so you can create searchable elements

  20. I would like to see the ability in the calendar data pages to add events to your personal calendar, and register for calendar feeds.

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