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  1. Allow importing values into List datatype fields

  2. Create a JSON output feed from views or tables

  3. Increase the limitation for records that can be displayed on charts about 1,000 at a time  ·  planned

  4. Describe Upload Errors

  5. Scheduled Tasks to include Exporting an App XML File (APP BACKUP)

  6. Allow forms to download either data table fields or the labels you created on the Datapage

  7. Implement record locking

  8. We should be able to develop app with dynamic search bar displayed with results without using another data page

  9. Offline mode  ·  declined

  10. move the chat icon away from the down arrow in the table. every time I click on the down arrow, the chat box pops up.  ·  completed

  11. To trigger an action in a table when importing data

  12. Make the chart function more like Excel  ·  completed

  13. Create a log page to review emails sent from your app  ·  planned

  14. Please make it possible to use a View as the data source for mapping to a fillable PDF in addition to being able to use a Table  ·  completed

  15. Make User editable database triggers, to allow for more complex and interesting applications  ·  completed

  16. Allow copying of Data Page configurations to different form types

  17. Integate Caspio calculations with R

  18. Better SQL features. DELETE query (esp for duplicates). UPDATE query for mass updates

  19. Offer easy integration AutoResponders such as Aweber, Get Response, iContact  ·  completed

  20. Scheduled Tasks to update instead of just append or replace  ·  completed

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